micro fiction


By moonlight, he watched as she poured the ground marijuana into her palm. Shivering, he looked towards the ladder. He wanted to get down. There weren’t any clouds out, though the sky was starting to rumble with thunder, and the dark night grew brighter.

“Relax,” she said. “This will take the edge off. You still want to watch, right?”

No. He wanted to run. How could she be so calm about this? They should go.

“Stop,” she said, reading his thoughts. “Relax. Just watch it all go down. This will be historic.”

He wanted to go back inside. To crawl down off the roof, get inside, and crawl in bed. Hide.

He tightened his blanket around himself. The stars were shining bright that night, watching what they were doing. Watching them ‘watch it all go down.’

She sprinkled the crumbs into her joint rolling device and inserted a rolling paper. With her thumbs, she rolled the device spindles back and forth, then only forth, until the end of the paper was visible, which she licked, and then rolled the spindles a few more times for good measure.

His eyes closed, he wasn’t sure if he could watch.

“Hey,” she said, lighting the end of the joint. “Open your eyes. Fuck, this is cosmic.”

He looked up and saw the foreign lights coming down, roaring through the atmosphere. Each spaceship stopped in midair, hovering, then spread out evenly across the sky.

“Fucking cosmic,” she said, offering the joint. “Care to partake?”


via Daily Prompt: Partake


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