flash fiction


Dr. Riley’s right hand was average size, soft, with long fingers. Calluses in specific areas of his palm, rough to the touch. An accomplished neurosurgeon, acclaimed amateur golfer, and pianist. The trained skill and dexterity in Dr. Riley’s fingers were invaluable. What was valuable about Dr. Riley’s hand, to Trent, was the access it granted… Continue reading Hands

flash fiction

Planet Killers

Syd piloted the starfighter around the destruction of the fleet’s last command ship. Its long body riddled with blast holes. She observed the soundless explosions continuing to erupt from all sides of the ship. The dead crew spilled out into open space from various hull breaches. Their ghostly silhouettes illuminated against the scene. Her friends.… Continue reading Planet Killers

micro fiction


By moonlight, he watched as she poured the ground marijuana into her palm. Shivering, he looked towards the ladder. He wanted to get down. There weren't any clouds out, though the sky was starting to rumble with thunder, and the dark night grew brighter. “Relax,” she said. “This will take the edge off. You still… Continue reading Partake